Gender Pay Gap Reporting


Pearmain Pubs is committed to the principle of equal pay for the roles performed and to paying a good rate of pay for all roles both at entry level and throughout employment through equal training and promotion opportunities.

Pearmain Pubs has a headcount of 329 as at the April 2017.  This is split as 133 female staff and 196 male staff.

Due to our fresh food kitchens we require skilled chefs with either industry related qualifications or experience rather than unskilled cooks and this attracts a higher hourly rate of pay.  Our current kitchen workforce is primarily male.  We will continue to encourage female applicants to the kitchen both at the skilled level and through our Apprenticeship scheme, thereby growing our own talent.

Our front of house waiting and bar staff are equally represented by males and females, however, our front of house hourly rates of pay are lower than kitchen staff as these roles also attract generous tips through a Tronc scheme and are more transient seasonal roles.

Of our salaried Head and Sous Chefs 95% are male.  Our front of house management teams, however, have an equal representation of males and females.

Our Head Office has a headcount of 13 females and 7 males, although the males are in more senior roles such as Managing Director, Operations Director and Executive Chefs.  Our HR and Finance Departments are all female.


We will continue to offer promotion and employment opportunities regardless of gender in all roles.  Our bonus schemes are performance-based.

We aim to be an attractive employer to those with caring responsibilities and we offer a flexible shift pattern for both full and part-time staff.

2017 Results

Women’s mean hourly rate is 19.7% lower than men’s

Women’s median hourly rate is 22.7% lower than men’s


Pay Distribution



Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



Who received bonus pay

32.1% of women

67.9% of men

Difference in bonus pay

Women’s mean bonus pay is 8.4% lower than men’s

Women’s median bonus pay is 8.3% lower than men’s